Hurricane Preparedness

July 5, 2016

Hurricane season is here again and it is time to make sure that you are prepared. Here are a few things that you can do now ahead of any storms.

1. Evacuation Planning
Always have a plan for where you will go when the next storm hits. Storm surges can reach heights of up to 20 feet so check with the local government to see the best route to safety.

2. Buy Supplies
Keeping a few supplies stowed away before the storm can help avoid long lines and supply shortages. Your supplies should include water, food, blankets, and clothing.

3. Check Insurance Coverage
Property owners need to be aware of what they have insured by reading their policy. Some coverage includes flood insurance while some does not. 

4. Make Copies of Important Documents
Make sure that all important documents, including proof of ownership and personal documents, have copies made and stored in a different location in case of emergency. These documents should be kept in a waterproof safe or other location that will not be damaged during the storm.

5. Protect Your Home
Winds can end up damaging your house even if you do not live close to the coast. Boarding up windows and picking up things in the yard can help prevent more damage. Any lingering structural issues should also be looked at before a storm comes.

6. Back Up Your Electronics
As well as keeping extra batteries and chargers, it is also important to back up all your electronics. All data should be stored off the property or on cloud storage so that you do not lose your data if your electronics get damaged during the hurricane.


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